If there were ever a time for foolishness.

I Want You


I want you to think of me.

My heart fucking hurts. Someone please make it stop

And now it’s really over. I thought you were the one…. I’ve always thought you were the one.

So what now?

What happens to me now…


There is nothing I love more than walking into the box and seeing people who are happy to see me and want to see me succeed.

Airport Spin


I don’t even know if it’s the relationship I want. Sometimes I think I just want to have someone to run up to, who will spin me around and tell me how much they’ve missed me with watery eyes at the airport.

He said there’s a margin between how he feels and him loving me….

He doesn’t want to change me… But how do I close that margin?

He’s my everything. I think I’ve recently come to a conclusion about how short life is and how lucky we are to be where we are right now. And I just think if you are going to do something you better pour your heart and soul into it. So I’m gonna love him with everything I have until he decides it’s not enough or decides he wants to do the same

I’m come home from break…. We’ve spent every night together since. He took me to a hotel last night…. He toasted to “the process”… The process of falling for me. I need him like I’ve never needed anyone else. He’s beautiful and wonderful… And he’d do anything for me

Love isn’t pretty. It isn’t something glorious and beautiful like it is in the movies. You spill your heart out for someone cause they ask you to and there is no great applause or even second thought. He just sticks you with the cold hard truth. Why you were sitting there dreaming about all that could be…. He was planning his escape.

Fuck love.

You tell me over and over again that you aren’t good enough for me. Well sweetheart, to me, you’re the only one that’s ever been good enough. Everyone else has never even come close.